Saturday, June 12


Lets get a bit into metaphysical essence of our life..
We have seen Saints and Sages meditating in a particular “Mudra”(implying hand position in the present context)
The “Mudra”, as implied above, is sign language sending a message from the body to the mind through the nervous system and from conscious to unconscious spheres of our existence.
The famous GYANA mudra, (Gnana) which is formed by joining the thumb and the forefinger, and leaving the three remaining digits gently extended, demonstrates the anatomical, neurological and psychological aspects of a “Mudra”.
The Sanskrit GYANA (Gnana) gives rise to the Greek word “gnosis” which filters down in English as “Knowing”…..
So, a person meditating/thinking/concentrating in the “Gyana Mudra” automatically places his mind in an optimum state of higher consciousness.

Let’s check out the digits that are in contact during “Gyana Mudra”. They are the thumb and the index finger…
The Thumb symbolizes humanity: Finite, limited but at the top of our phylogenetic scale(during evolution).
This is also a big anatomical progress that we have made over primates. The saddle joint at the base of the thumb, where it meets the wrist, allows the thumb to be firmly placed and used in apposition to the other four digits. This character is instrumental for the manual flexibility and grasping ability that we have in comparison to other mammals and primates.
The characteristic of a human(‘humus” or earth creature) is a developed mind(manas in Sanskrit) having better tool making capability and better flexibility than other primates.

The Index finger is called so because we instinctively “index” or classify all creations outside our self by pointing this foremost digit.
This finger, in metaphysical meaning, represents God, the absolute sea of cosmic energy that is eternal, limitless and infinite.
When we unite the thumb (Humanity) to the index finger (God), it forms a circle in which limited humanity is linked with the infinite, unlimited absolute, a (w)hole, being both absolute zero and total completeness.
And when we say…”God Exists”….it is somewhat inaccurate.
Because, the moment something exists, it is already limited by/defined by a form (roop) and name (naam )….


For someone who has difficulty in understanding this Hindu theology…. he can refer to the seventeenth century French theologian PASCAL, who defined God as..
“A circle whose circumference is nowhere and center everywhere”
….hai ki nahin..!?!
The DNA map of humans and primates(chimps/apes..)have 99 % similarity.

so.. Bundar aur Hamare Under sirf ek percent ka antar hai..
and the most radically different cluster of DNA is the one
that helps us humans convert meat into digestable protein..
yahin pe bundar maar kha gaye..

A speaclist is someone who knows more and more about less and less, until ,he/she knows enerything about nothing....
so...whats ur speaciality !!