Wednesday, May 17

"mUs"."mU`sa; Steal . Thief.

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"Mouse", the word, is associated with the
Sanskrit word "musa," derived from the root word, "mus," meaning
"to steal."

And that's what this guy was doing, stealing
watermelon cubes.

Caught red handed ?

Grasshoppers / locust

Locust 4
Originally uploaded by scorius.
Funny defination this .. "Grasshoppers that can migrate are also known as locusts". Funny critter too, has two small eyes on its face( ocelli) to avoid mid air collision with others travelling together, and two compound eyes to use when its on ground.
Maybe Lalu should take a clue from them while designing anti-collision mechanism for railways.

Tuesday, May 16

Patna and neighbouring districts.

Satellite image of Patna district, Bihar
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