Saturday, October 4

Items received: 03-Oct-2008

Chandan has confirmed that he received clothes (Baby, men and women clothes) from.

IDG media pvt ltd
49, Geetha Building,
3rd cross,Mission Road
Bangalore 27,

 Dear Sachin,
Thanks a lot for all the help .
We received three cartons of clothes & relief material  from IDG media on 3rd October 2008.

The clothes we received were clean, sorted and packed by gender and age categories, and that was      very thoughtful of you all.

Thanks again to all you warmhearted people at IDG media for helping in flood relief effort.

God bless you all.

Guneshwar Ji sent 1 tent from Delhi which was received by Chandan on 3-oct-2008.

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Wednesday, October 1

Expression. .. .less ?

Bihar floods

Embanked on embankments.

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Schools at relief camps

Education center 1
In the background are the huts, which are temporary centers,
the strength of these schools are around 50. The attendance has been good as they are given clothes, biscuits, stationary, milk ...its a mechanism to sustain the attendance; the school is open for 4 hours daily.

The last picture is of Prathibha, herself a std 11 student and a victim of the flood, she started teaching smaller children.. And now the school has a mix of students from KG to std 8.

We have provided them/are providing books, notebooks, slate, dresses, milk powder, medicines, water purification tablets , biscuits.. to encourage children to spend more time together and learn something.

Food and shelter are provided by Mandan Bharti, Trivenigunj.

School 1
Always happy..they are our inspiration.
Happy parent, schools are on
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Life on embankments..

Darafga embankment is providing shelter to more than a thousand families who could not make  it to the
larger government camps.
Their temporary shelter is made of bamboo sticks supporting clothes or plastic sheets as canopy. Almost
all the huts have a raised platform inside as water is almost kissing the top of embankment..a rise of one feet of water can turn ugly for these folks.
To come in & go out from the embankment one has to either cross waist deep water or use country boats

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Tuesday, September 30

Updates day 37-41

Dear friends,
Apologies for the delay in updates. I was traveling to relief camps in Nepal (Bhimnagar & Hamuman nagar) and India ( Trivenigunj, Katihar,Baidhnathpur & Saharsa)

We have received the following between sep24- sep-29th 2k8;
Apologies for the delay.
The following consignments have been received between Sep 25- 29
From Vivek Pandey,Bangalore
  • Torchlights 60 pc with batteries (Eveready citylight) ~60 pc
  • Cerelac Baby food ~ 58 packs
  • Paracetamol tablets ~ Calpol, 1000 tablets
Torches, Vivek,bangalore
Vivek Pandey,Bangalore

From V.R Bhalla
R.P.Jain Road
Mumbai -49

• Cerelac Baby food 240 packs ~ 110 KG~ 14 cartons

From Capegemini, Bangalore
  • Clothes 21 cartons
  • Foodgrain 1carton
  • Biscuits and sugar 1 carton

Thank you all .. it would have been very difficult to carry on without your support.

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