Friday, September 25

Water on moon !


A liter of water from a tonne or rock.

Moon water.. its a reality

Its could NASA not know that there was so much of water on Moon ( upto a liter of water from a ton of moon rock).. is this a hypothesis.. or is it closer to reality than we think.

MCUBE( Exploration instrument made by Israel & on abroad Chandrayaan) with Chandrayaan (Indian Space satellite) did bring a lot of credence to this "hypothesis"; it was in Bangalore when the world team first saw the data..incredible beautiful high resolution data that brought tears to the team members.. who just couldn't believe it.

They pinched..they checked.. rechecked.. and it was still there.. History was created when images came down streaming thru space at Bangalore. No one believed what they were was the first of irrefutable scientific data that there was water on moon... lots of water on moon.

It has to be the biggest thing since man landed on moon.

Just imagine man. Now you could finally realize that moon fantasy..if it has water...its gonna be a whole new world out there.

Hats off to ISRO & people behind the Indian Space programme, to H.E Dr. Kalam, to the scientists of Israel who designed MCUBE, to NASA & all of you wonderful people who worked countless hours to bring us this wonderful news. YOU ROCK !!