Tuesday, December 29

Pandorus sphinx moth

Pandorus sphinx moth, originally uploaded by Scorius.

Oleander Hawk-moth/Pandorus Sphinx Moth.

Wingspan 80-120mm. Adults of this beautiful species have intricately patterned forewings, mixture of olive greens, suffused with small blotches of pink and white.

There is also a pale apical streak on each forewing. The hindwings are greyish green, with a pale white wavy line. It has a similar resting posture to the Eyed Hawk-moth

Pandorus sphinx moth 2

Pandorus sphinx moth 2, originally uploaded by Scorius.

A colourful migrant moth that migrates northwards each year from the warmer regions of southern Europe and North Africa.
It has abdomen curled upwards as Oleander Hawk-moths * owl moths have, It has very close resemblance with Pandorus sphinx moth
This moth was incubated from caterpillar stage & was found at Patna, India, one of the best that I have seen in a long time.
Its awesome