Thursday, December 28

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

Sunday, November 19 u circle down..

Gandhi maidan,Maurya hotel, biscoman, gol ghar...
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Patna, as you circle down..

The vast vast ganges..gandhi maidan, gol ghar and S.k. Memorial hall..
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Wednesday, November 15


This little beauty lost her way and ..settled down..on my fingers. Guardian ?
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Tuesday, October 24

Lunatic; an eye full of dreams ?

The word lunatic evolves from Latin lunaticus `moon-struck,' from luna `moon.' This term arose becaues it was thought that recurring attacks of madness were caused by phases of the moon. Today it means insanity.
Is thinking out of the box influenced by phases of the moon ? Maybe. I find myself brimming with tangential thought process during full moon. Am I lunatic:)
Or a dreamer.
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Saturday, September 9

Going back home !

Birds fly home as the day sets down ..

Clouds look like cotton wisps from 40000 feet
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Sunday, July 9

Friday, July 7

The Ganges.Patna

At this place, the river ganges is probably more than three km's wide. Its an absolutely fascinating and humbling experience to stand here and watch the majestic body of water overwhelm you with its sheer infinite energy. To most of us, she is like our mother and is affectionately called "Ganga maieya".
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Wednesday, June 21

Chachraha, mera gaon .

Our farmhouse at Chachraha, our "dalaan", the smallish 50'x50' pool or pokhar Papa got done for Dadi. We could see the snow capped Himalayas from our lookout "machaan" during early winter mornings..the snow would turn reddish as the sun rose..and then dissolve in the morning light. Posted by Picasa

Fishing at Chachraha, Madhubani.

A guy trying to net some catch at our pond in Chachraha, my native village.
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Purple Heart twins !

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Fox spider or brown recluse ?

I dont know for sure what type of spider it is, but its got to be ate a baby lizard..just look at its fangs. wooh !
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Another tiny purple flower

Well, this guy is just about half an inch wide. And the bees are crazy about its tiny crown .
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Purple Hearts

A couple of purple hearts bloom together. Some say its a good sign for togetherness. Amen
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Sunset-Boring road Patna

Nature never ceases to amaze me. Sunset from my roof after a really hot and humid day.
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Wednesday, May 17

"mUs"."mU`sa; Steal . Thief.

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"Mouse", the word, is associated with the
Sanskrit word "musa," derived from the root word, "mus," meaning
"to steal."

And that's what this guy was doing, stealing
watermelon cubes.

Caught red handed ?

Grasshoppers / locust

Locust 4
Originally uploaded by scorius.
Funny defination this .. "Grasshoppers that can migrate are also known as locusts". Funny critter too, has two small eyes on its face( ocelli) to avoid mid air collision with others travelling together, and two compound eyes to use when its on ground.
Maybe Lalu should take a clue from them while designing anti-collision mechanism for railways.

Tuesday, May 16

Tuesday, May 9

Redheaded Merlin

Redheaded Merlin
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A rare and beautiful species of Falcon.
Locally known as "Turumti", these guys hunt in pairs.
©chandan 2006

Red vented bulbul(Pycnonotus cafer)

Red vented bulbul (Pycnonotus cafer)chiks, two days old!

©chandan 2006

Earth: 2206 A.D

Earth: 2206 A.D
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Getting too hot ?

Pollution? Industrilization?Population?

Greed? Comfort? Selfishness?

Big divide? Fossil fuel? SUV's?

Wake up--there is no other place to go !


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                                W  A  T  E  R