Wednesday, July 25

Gidar / Siyar killings ..why ?

We are driving down the Ara-Vikramganj road. Its been raining.. a lot. Looks like the area has been receiving a lot of rainfall.

The fields look flooded... water level almost kissing the embankment.

We cross what looks like a road kill.. dead dog…looks like a dead dog.

But I know it aint…just know.

We stop & reverse.

It’s a wild jackal or “siyar” (Canis aureus)

The poor thing had been killed somewhere else and thrown on the highway. Its hind legs had been tied, a tell tale patch of skin is amiss from his left chest.. and a deep gash underneath it ..I had some of these medicinal kills as a young boy in munger.

That was.. like ages ago.


So this fckuing practice of killing these wild jackals to cure eczema is still alive.

I feel like puking.

This poor creature must have been trapped and killed.

Killed cause of the folklore that thrusting ur eczema infected hand in the chest of a juvenile jackal is going to cure it.

Wild fox; siyar gidar

That’s just one of the causes that folks around kill a jackal ..

They are also killed to get what folks call " siyar singhi"
"Siyar" (Jackal) does not have horns. But a small bunch of hair with horn emerges from its forehead when it hoots facing downwards. This is called "Siyar Singhi".If "Siyar Singhi" is kept in the house, it is said to ward off evil spirits, bestow good luck and wealth, help overcome enemies, and achieve success in law suits. It is always kept in vermillion (Sindoor) in a silver box in the pooja room. Its hair grows automatically. ..a part of the animal that is supposed to increase the inflow of wealth into one dwelling.

That " siyar singhi" is supposedly present only on alpha males of the pack.
But to sell fake " siyar singhi" you have to have a jackals carcass and some halfcooked hard seller to sell.

Do not but any of these sickening stuff please.

Tell them to shove it up.

Will help the cause immensely.