Monday, December 27

Woolly-necked Stork

The Woolly-necked Stork,( locally known as Dokhar डोखर) Ciconia episcopus, is a large wading bird in the stork family Ciconiidae. It can also be known as the Espiscopos.

It is a widespread tropical species which breeds in Africa, and also in Asia from India to Indonesia. It is a resident breeder in wetlands with trees. The large stick nest is built in a forest tree, and 2-5 eggs form the typical clutch. This stork is usually silent, but indulges in mutual bill-clattering when adults meet at the nest.

The Woolly-necked Stork is a large bird, typically 85 cm tall. It is all black except for the woolly white neck and white lower belly. The upperparts are glossed dark green, and the breast and belly have a purple hue.

The main threat to this species in South East Asia is severe habitat fragmentation. The species has also suffered population reductions as a result of habitat destruction and shooting.

Pictures were taken near Selibeli (Kothi Haat) in Madhudani district of Bihar, India.



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